MS Buddy Project

This movie was the beginning of our process, when we called the project "MS Friend." 

​​We discuss the project in Evil Librarians Podcast #093. Take a listen!


Many people who are living with Multiple Sclerosis are isolated from information and support. An abundance of information and support is accessible online but is not easily accessed by those who do not have technology skills or access. Some of the people living with MS in Utah do not have access to a computer, or internet service, and may or may not have the technology skills to access available information. Newly diagnosed MS patients, this project’s target population, and long-term patients often have long stretches of time between their doctor visits and they do not always feel well enough to leave the house. During that interim, many information needs occur and the likelihood for isolation and withdrawal increases.

Libraries are in a unique position to help.

Through this project, we will provide people who are living with MS an iPad for a 30 day period. We will preload the tablet with MS and health related apps along with personalized information (their local library, their local health facility librarian, their health care provider links, and other personalized health links of their choosing) and provide them with basic training in the use of the iPad. Each iPad will be reset after each loan period to remove previous user data and to match the new patient’s particular needs and contacts. The tablets will also be customized for accessibility issues--dexterity, vision, etc.

About the Project